Upper Blue Sanitation District

Inside the water station


Here are a list of common questions you may have about the services of UBSD.

Who do I call when I have a sewer emergency?

In the event that sewage is entering a residence, business, or public area please contact the UBSD office at 970-453-2723. If you are outside business hours (M-F, 8-12 and 1-5) please call our 24-hour on call phone at 970-418-6073.

What happens in a sewer emergency?

UBSD Collection System staff will respond to the site of a sewer back-up to determine the status of the sewer main (the main pipeline located in the public right of way). If a blockage is observed, staff will clear the line and re-establish sewage flow. If the sewer main is flowing normally, the blockage is most likely located in the sewer service line (the pipeline that connects the building to the sewer main). Service line maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner, and the owner should hire a private plumbing contractor to clean the line.

If a back-up is determined to be located within my service line, will my insurance cover any costs?

UBSD encourages all participants to contact their primary insurance carrier as most policies offer an inexpensive endorsement for such an event.

What can I do to prevent a back-up in my service line?

Be aware of what you put down your drains and flush down your toilet. The usual culprits are Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) which cool and solidify in cold sewer pipes, paper products other than toilet paper which are not made to break down in water, and dirt, sand, or gravel. If these same materials enter and block the sewer main, many homes can be affected.

My septic system is failing. Can I connect to the District’s sewer system?

There are many options, from connecting a single residence in proximity to a sewer main, to inclusion of entire subdivisions. To discuss your options please contact the District office (970-453-2723) to set up an appointment with District staff. 

How do I get sewer service for a new home or an addition to my current home?

Construction of a new home or addition requires a Plant Investment Fee, based on the configuration of the building. To discuss your options please contact the district office (970-453-2723) to set up an appointment with District staff. 

Who do I contact with drinking water questions?

The primary drinking water for the Town of Breckenridge is provided by the Town of Breckenridge. Please call their Public Works office with any questions. (970-453-3170) 

How do I pay my bill?

Your bills can be paid in person or electronically. If you want to pay in person our administration office is located at 1605 Airport Road at our Iowa Hill Reclamation Facility. Our administrative office phone number is 970-453-2723.

Where does my wastewater go?

The majority of our collection system is a gravity feed system which conveys the waste water to one of our three treatment plants. Once treated, the water will be returned to one of three locations: an aquifer below the South Blue River Treatment Facility, the Blue River adjacent to the Iowa Hill Treatment Facility, or the south end of Lake Dillon near the Blue River inlet.  

What impact do I have when I leave my water faucets on to prevent line freezing?

Not only are you wasting water from our watershed, but you are passing along pumping and treatment costs for clean water. This wasteful thinking has greater consequences than setting your heat at a manageable level.

What impact do I have when I pump water from my basement or sump pit to the sewer system?

This clear water dilutes the sewage, upsetting the biological balance of the treatment process, and increases pumping and chemical costs for clean water.  

How do I arrange a tour?

Informative wastewater tours are available to local classrooms and the general public. Contact us to arrange a tour.